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Ceramic fiber mats

Ceramic fiber mats

Ceramic fiber mats stainless steel wire mesh coufred and paper type VT

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060-003-00125mm.128 kg./m3300x300mm.1100°C
060-003-00225mm.128 kg./m3600x300mm.1100°C
060-003-00325mm.128 kg./m3900x300mm.1100°C
060-003-00425mm.128 kg./m3600x600mm.1100°C
060-003-00525mm.128 kg./m3900x600mm.1100°C
060-003-00625mm.128 kg./m31200x600mm.1100°C
060-003-00725mm.128 kg./m31800x600mm.1100°C
060-003-00825mm.128 kg./m33600x600mm.1100°C
060-003-00925mm.128 kg./m37200x600mm.1100°C