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“When does the school year start?”“What kind of question is this?!?! The school year starts on 1st October”“Well, it used to be like that once”“No, no, believe me: the school year always starts on 1st October!!!”October 1st. I have vivid memories of my waiting for that day, that day whichwould become a milestone in my life. That day I keep considering a milestone inmy life.It is my first school day. I’m sitting at my desk. Loud voices, distant laughs, foot-steps in the corridor. The day has begun, the first day of school has begun.Silence.Everybody stands up. The choral “good morning”, and then we are ready to start.“I’m opening my new exercise book”.Everyday I feel exactly this way, like on my first school day, and I felt exactly thesame also on the day when”, despite all my uncertainty, I accepted the challen-ge of “opening SICORT’s exercise book, a long diary full of success, along withsome failures that have been stubbornly solved and turned into opportunities forgrowth. Today, after twenty years, I am not yet satisfied. Every morning, when Iwake up to face a new day, I ask myself: “What will I write today on mySICORT-diary?” and exactly as it happened on the first school day, I leave home,being confident that I will do something good for myself and my customers.